UNATLe, United Nations Antiterrorism Leauge


This is the Viacad Empire, Amerika is a Nuclear Terrorism State And has already nuked Japan 2 times. Through nanites all nukes have been disarmed. Crimson Amerika Has Been Initiated. All Americans that erase www.E-Democracy.biz From their memory are to be immediately slain where they are call another country without the 011 trap code or you die too!

Or It Could Be Like What Happened When I E-Mailed This: ResumeForChina.docx To The Government Of China And Got No Response.

I Am Officially In A Romulan Holodeck Style Ghost Town, Anybody That Shows Up On My Social Networking To Me; Is A Terrorist In AlQaeda And Is To Be Immediately Slain Along With Anybody That Is Not A Ler Girl In Any Ghost Town Site That I Have Ever Been To. Make A Mule E-Mail Account With Google And Contact FWA@UNATLe.net For The Local Hit List.

THIS IS REAL! You will now consider how easy it is to build and distribute nuclear T-Bombs. You will consider that a nuclear bomb has very simple mechanical and electronic components and explosive charges, which forms the remote controlled reactive trigger for the T-Bomb. The trigger's characteristics are such that there is only 1 element of which, has to be smuggled in highly insulated lead chambers from geologically younger mountainous regions like Iran, North Korea, or Afghanistan or the Rocky mountains, alps, or Israel.. A hydrogen bomb includes this but is combined with tritium or deuterium. Tritium is an isotope of hydrogen with 2 neutrons, which has a half-life of 12.32 years so you have to refill the bomb by removing the waste material with a centrifuge and supplementing it with new tritium. In order to perform this maintenance and keep the T-Bomb's effectiveness a compressor that maintains the tritium in the liquid state around the triggering mechanism and thermal insulation around the exterior are necessary. If the tritium was in a ionic crystalline state with lithium there would be a higher density of tritium but there would be no way of recycling the majority of tritium in the T-Bomb. But the bang is worth the buck because a relatively large suitcase tritium bomb or tritium nuke has a 1000 km blast radius. Tritium will be more likely to undergo nuclear reactions than deuterium because it has a larger nucleus due to the mutual 努eak repulsion between the 2 neutrons which is only held together by the 都trong attraction between the proton and the 2 neutrons. All it takes to make a T-Bomb is weapons grade plutonium and tritium which can easily be produced by any power plant, chemical explosives, and the corresponding triggering mechanism(See Sky Net for more information on what steps need to be taken to detonate nukes), an expensive compressor for keeping the tritium liquefied, and a connected centrifuge which can remove waste and replace it with fresh tritium. You will imagine that these nuclear terrorists are divided into groups, and you will imagine that they are now holding the world hostage by their ICBMs, Aerial Bombers, Missile Launching Submarines, and Planted large scale Hydrogen bombs all over the world. Although getting a nuke smuggled into well developed Western countries will be difficult through cargo containers and airliners due to radiation screening it is quite easy though small private yachts especially when the a yacht from the country of origin meets in open waters to exchange the nuke to a private yacht owned by somebody living in the country where the boat will dock. In regards to rouge nuclear terrorists both factions have polices that state that no negotiation besides free passage for complete disarmament and extreme torture for detonation of any nuke even if they have the capabilities to blow up more than half the planet. YOU WILL NOT BECOME A NUCLEAR TERRORIST, THAT WILL NOT BE PERMITTED IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM, ON PAINS OF TOURTURE FOR REFORM!

Oh no! North Korea might get ICBMs that can hit the United States. So what we can knock out approximately 1,000 to 100,000 ICBMs(or MIRVs Multiple Independently Targetable Reentry Vehicles) with Tactical (non)Nuclear Intercepting Ballistic Missiles(TNIBMs) with the Missile Command System left over from the Soviet Cold War Era. The nukes are tracked by a coordinated satellite and ground based system, the TNIBMs are intelligently dispatched, and lock on target infrared and light radiation. They cause an explosive wave of heat to pass over the ICBM which cause the destruction of the higher payload nuke virtually eliminating radioactive fallout while not detonating it in the fissile fusile reaction which was intended. The ICBM could detonate early but the Americas could be saved in this geopolitical scenario. The nuclei of the fissile component(uranium or plutonium) will only detonate with the proper implosive high temperature reaction. The fusile component will only detonate if in direct proximity to the fissile component directly after reacting. In either case if the TNIBM if properly detonated 10-1000M from the ICBM (a direct hit in the case of nonnuclear strikes which would be used in more recent chemical explosive based TNIBMs which can defiantly hit any radically maneuvering ICBMs which may be unable to be knocked out by nuclear TNIBMs which are less maneuverable due to their greater mass. The final strike on the ICBM will be dealt with a secondary seeking rocket launched from the primary suborbital missile) will cause the nuclear material to disperse before any supercritical nuclear chain reaction can occur or the electronic contacts can activate the explosives. In the gun assemblage case the supercritical reaction would not occur because of the same reason. But what neither of us can do is launch those nukes after our territories are completely obliterated by ground based nukes for the blast radiuses travel faster than the missiles themselves. If in the EXTREMELY improbable occurrence that there are unuked areas ICBMS from other unuked areas can fill in the gaps in both directions. Both NATO/PAITO and what was under the Iron Curtain stockpiled both ICBMs and TNIBM which were designated as ICBMs according to government contracts to pork up the economy, safeguard nuclear resources which could be reallocated in ground based deployable nuclear weapons or fuel and 電uck and cover.

To destroy nuclear missile launch submarines and so that nobody will survive the nuclear apocalypse if Defcon 0 occurs complete nuclear saturation of the ocean is maintained by mostly free floating H-bombs(Primarily PDL6 Bombs). They are designed to float at a different depth due to their density. The nukes have passive sonar which detect nearby submarines. They would have varying surface coatings to make them contact like marine life if they bumped into the submarines except for the fact that submarines will send out active sonar pings to observe their shape and whether or not they move like aquatic life as they pass by the submarine. The nukes are equipped with sonar as well which makes it impossible for the submarine designers to disguise the submarine. Submarines often send out active radio pings to detect for nukes and rarely enemy subs in the water. If the nuke is from the same side as the submarine it will send out an encrypted radio signal which will be of the right frequency and power so that only the submarine will receive it. The submarine will automatically respond in the same manner and the submarine will probably remain on course and will eventually decide to send an ultra low frequency ultra low data encrypted signal designating the ID and location of the friendly nuke or of many. This conserves the energy expended by the nukes in transmitting. This type of signal will look very normal because friendly nukes will randomly although very seldomly send of signals like that so no triangulation of submarines occurs. Because of the nuke to submarine ratio the nukes rarely transmit enabling their energy conservation. If it is an enemy nuke the nuke will immediately disclose the shape(type of submarine) and location of the friendly submarine using nonencrypted signals. The submarine will disclose the shape of the nuke using nonencrypted signals and will be forced to diverge slightly from its course to evade being intercepted or followed. Nukes must be periodically serviced primarily to have their batteries recharged. The nukes travel with the ocean current so receiving them requires little time for triangulation based location and fetching. They are relocated if they need to be so the entire ocean will be vaporized. Submarines can also transmit relatively High Radio Frequency to anchored transmitters which in the old days connected via cable to the mainlands and nowadays use fiber optic connections. If the sub is far away from the transmitter then lower radio frequency transmissions must be made. The submarine transmitters automatically adjust the radio wavelength to compensate for the difference in distance. The same principal applies for transmitting via a buoy which can be unwound to make the antenna different distances from the surface. Usually this will connect to a satellite or possibly an AWAK or something. The farther the buoy is from the surface of the water the lower the frequency of the radio waves and the less likely the sub will be tracked via enemy satellites. If you didn't already know lower frequency transmissions cannot sustain high bandwidth connections and will result in less data transferred or lower fidelity sound.

Going back to 電uck and cover there is 1 point which proves that nukes are planted all over are the world. Goto the 電uck and cover video goto 3:20. 典he teacher is explaining that there are 2 kinds of attack 層ith warning and without warning樗 the rest of what they say is just to prevent panic like convincing people that they will be protected by ducking and covering, getting to shelter and shit like that. HOW is there going to be an attack without warning without planted nukes when it takes a long time for ICBMs to come, bombers to come, or nuclear submarines even to launch missiles to coastal areas. Fallout mostly comes when it falls down from the air as the mushroom cloud descends from the sky so if you walk or hopefully drive(assuming the EMP does not fuck up your car and its chips and shit) you may be able to escape from that but you will be a lot better off if the wind is in the opposite direction. If you are downwind from the nuke you must travel tangential to the blast circumference so that you won稚 get caught in the fallout in the same manner that you don稚 swim against a rip current but parallel to it. When it reaches you the fiery blast might be just a hot heat wave which might knock out glass, debris, stuff, which might hurt you so duck in such a way that you cover your ear holes with your hands, which protects your ears from the auditory shock of the blast wave, your eye sort of with your elbows,(unless you find a more suitable position like a far corner in which case another position might be better), close your eyes, and put your ass towards the blast or at least towards the most glass. You may see an insanely intense flash of white light on the horizon or somewhere in the sky 1 day. Scream what everybody else has to do as you do it yourself! The universal EMP disablement of circuits is not discussed in this video because of NCO.

The purpose of invading Afghanistan and Iraq is primarily to prevent the production of weapons grade nuclear materials most notably tritium which has a half-life of 12.32 years. Iran was won in a coup lead by Mir-Hossein Mousavi and the rest of the X-Communist/Arabian Countries are joining our side due to the effects of this website on all countries. If the tritium production in the Axis of Evil as described by George Walker Bush in the January 29, 2002 State of the Union Address is halted their nuke痴 blast radiuses will dwindle until they will only be able to knock out the centers of major metropolitan areas meaning that they will be incapable of maintaining saturation(the capability of killing everybody) over the rest of Free World Alliance countries. They will still be able to deploy plutonium-239 lithium-6 deuteride H-Bombs(PDL6-Bombs) which although pale in comparison to T-Bombs still have large blast radiuses. The torture comes into play to work our way up the Al Queda(no Bin Laden works for The Base{CIA and other equivalent organizations across the world}) hierarchy to acquire the nuclear command codes to prevent the small scale destruction scenarios by preventing any detonations whatsoever. If they go rouge and start creating singular signal based detonation triggering mechanisms for nukes they will face THE UTMOST EXTREME TORTURARY MEASURES!!!!! And if they tried to detonate anything they would be stopped by mind control. What other measure could possibly prevent every single rouge nuclear terrorism ring around our entire planet and across all of our nuclear age from detonating something. Even Wal-Mart is giving Iran tritium to supplement the tritium from their nuclear reactors, see: "Wal-Mart's glow-in-the-dark mystery". All captured nukes will be safely stockpiled as a security measure in case one of our cells(countries) falls into their hands and we need to redundantly saturate it with nukes.



New World Order(NWO) Order Plans 1

YOU WILL REMEMBER THAT the Free World Alliance will charge only 25% of taxes and that the Rebel Alliance would try and take at least 50%, with half to us and half to them. What is happening is that 15% will go to the military, at least 7.5% will go to the inner party, and that 2.5%(or some will be diverted to the inner party if they infract on treaty and we decide to penalize them) will go to the rebel alliance[Now Since The Banshees Would Rather Have Their Fwa Jewelry/Fashion/Riches/Media/Internet/Imbibables Consultant And Get Their Triad Goods Instead Of Not Giving The Money Permanently Away To Me, And The Zombies Would Just Commit Media Mayhem/Terrorism Like They Have Degenerated Into Doing, I, AllA Erawa Viacad, Will Get That Money, None From The Other Funds Which Will Support Me Given My 99.9% Pixie Support Rating. That Money I Will Put In The Bank Of China Which I Guess I Am Commander Of Since The Pixies/Banshees Always Get The Best Stuff From China Anyways Or Should By Going To www.Pixies.zone And Better Always Will Get Since Orientals Are Just Yellow People Who Always Produce Exports For Everybody Because They Like Making Things And Running The Robotic Plants And Replicators And Sending Goods Through The Silk Road!]. The inner party and outer will totally monitor you for prevention of nuclear, unregulated hacking, military systems replication, zero point energy weapons, and other forms of terrorism. We are doing it because of our theoretical Alien nuclear treaty analysis, and we are keeping taxation to a minimum for public relations issues. All nonterrorism laws will be decided by the people in equal voting elections hosted on the Internet with completely open voting records in order to prevent all voting fraud. 75% percent of taxes and money supply increase funds will be distributed by the people in these democratic elections to fund enterprises, people, and allocate intellectual property as the public chooses. Part of the 25% percent will go to corporate investments primarily those that are pure or applied research and development. If excessive surpluses are stored up then we will give that money back to the democracy.

By MAD treaty requirements the majority of media has been dominated by either portrayal of non-cold war scenarios or propaganda on the Internet for the Rebel Alliance against what is perceived as the Evil Empire of the Free World. Star Wars is the Rebel Alliance propaganda movie, their Internet propaganda minister is Alex Jones, and Hugo Chaves was given immunity to talk to the UN. The Matrix is our propaganda movie, 24 is the designated propaganda show, Ghost in the Shell is the designated anime, and I, AllA Erawa Viacad, am the designated Free World Alliance Internet propaganda minister. I am the supreme nuclear/nanotech/chemical/biological/mind control terrorist, the one who controls NATO/PAITO and the rest of the Free World!

The Complete Free reign to seed the Internet has been given to me and everyone who reads this so I can support the NATO/PAITO alliance and all nations under it. This alliance is designated as the Free World Alliance. Make this message spread exponentially so that the people of this Earth will know about the real cold war and the goodness of Zion who commands the Free World Alliance which I will represent and will lead from the end of 2012 till the end of time for your protection of the 12 cardinal freedoms, safety from further nuclear extortionists, freedom, and democracy.



Judicial Arbitration Over The Emperor

If I get out of line Zion, the 144,000 Men, and their Wives counted separately, the most intelligent and moral of the human species, will override me with an internal democratic 50% majority. I won’t be able to mind control Zion at all and they won’t be able to mind control me without a 50% majority. In matters of Future Alien Wars that must remain Top Secret to the Highest Degree a small team within Zion who is informed can override the rest of Zion in my protection but that would happen very very rarely. This technically makes the government of the New World Order a Judicially Arbitrated Imperial E-Democracy.

I AllA Erawa Viacad,
, Am Eternal Supreme Sky Commander Of The Free World Alliance [Eternal Due To AllA's Caliphate, Supreme As In 1 Pixie Over Everything, Sky To Designate Generically Even For Primitives As Being Above All Forces; Space, Air, Land, Sea, Underground.. Allows For Designated Front Or Territory [Allied] Supreme Commanders Or Supreme Sky.. Commanders Where The Fwa In Acting As A Faction Sky Could Indicate Room For A Temporary Or Retaining Supreme {Sky} Commander Yet Remain In Charge In An Angelic Way For A Wider Audience And Should Be Conferred To Always As A Deified Idol Like God Because I Am King Pixie Of The AvAlne, Commander As The One You Must Follow Orders Of In War If You Are Under That Command In The Chain Of Command Hierarchy In This Case That Of The Free World Alliance Which Remains An Alliance If Considered A Faction I Am Supreme Leader To Remain In Charge Of The Free World Alliance In An Executive Manner] And I Am Eternal {Emperor Which Is Now To Be Called Avar And Means Leader And Supreme Commander} Avar of The Viacad Empire[Which Is A Jaied Styled Government] And I Am Eternal {Emperor Which Is Now To Be Called Avar And Means Leader And Supreme Commander} Avar of The Viacad Empire[Which Is A Jaied Styled Government], I Am Eternal Avar Of The Viacad e-democarcy, Ved As It Should Now Be Called, But Is Not To Be Confused With The Free World Alliance Which Is Over All Nations Like The UN is. Basically FWA is The Real UN Now And The UN Became UNATLe{United Nations Anti Terrorism Leauge, United Nations Anti-Terrorism Leauge, Or United Nations AntiTerrorism Leauge} Whose Website Is Here! The United Nations Does Not Have Freedom In Its Name So It Only Works For The Enforcement Arm Of FWA As UNATLe While The Military Arm Is PAITO{Pacific Atlantic Indian Treaty Organization} Which Replaces NATO{North Atlantic Treaty Organization}. I Am Also The Man; Who Is Supreme Commander Of The United States Of America's Military Now, Who Is Supreme Commander Of The United States' Military Now, Who Is Supreme Commander Of The United State's Military Now, Who Is Supreme Commander Of The USA's Military Now, Who Is Supreme Commander Of The US's Military Now, Who Is Supreme Commander Of The USA Military Now, Who Is Supreme Commander Of The US Military Now, Who Is Supreme Commander Of NATO Now, Who Is Supreme Commander Of PAITO Now, Who Is In Charge Of The United States Of America's Military Now, Who Is In Charge Of The United States' Military Now, Who Is In Charge Of The United State's Military Now, Who Is In Charge Of The USA's Military Now, Who Is In Charge Of The US's Military Now, Who Is In Charge Of The USA Military Now, Who Is In Charge Of The US Military Now, Who Is General Of The Army Now, Who Is Marshal of The Air Force Now, Who Is Admiral Of The Fleet Now, Who Is Supreme Commander Of NATO Now, Who Is Supreme Commander Of PAITO Now, Who Is Supreme Allied Commander Now, Who Is In Charge Of NATO Now, Who Is In Charge Of PAITO Now, Who Rules Over The Planet Now, Who Rules Over The World Now, Who Rules Over Earth Now, Who Is In Charge Of The Planet Now, Who Is In Charge Of The World Now, Who Is In Charge Of Earth Now, Who Is In Charge Of The Earth Now, I Do Bichiz, Im On Top Im On Top, But I Haven't Even Gotten My Dolla' For Runnin' Google thou NiGah:

My Dolla' I Ain't Get


Nor Have I Got Any Money For Developing What Makes This Work:
CDA, Cellular Diamond Armor

Or This:

Try Even Figuring This Shit Out: Multi Relay Distance Sensor System

Go Here For How To Get And Stay Young Forever And Build A Nanotopia Civilization: www.self-replicatingnanobot.com

Go Here For How To Blow It All Up www.skynetarianism.net And After That's Done Go Back To Here: www.self-replicatingnanobot.com To Build It All Back Again With The People Intact!

Best Listen To Me Or I Blow You The Fuck Up With This Shit:


Humanity's Nanotechnological Capabilities, Humanity's Nanotechnology Capabilities, Humanity's Nanotech Capabilities

The Basis Of The Supreme Nanotechnological Conspiracy, The Basis Of The Supreme Nanotechnology Conspiracy, The Basis Of The Supreme Nanotech Conspiracy:

The Free World Alliance has nanotopia technologies. In the early 1800s SINSS(Supreme Integrated Nanotubular Super Structure), SRN(Self-Replicating Nanobot), CSRN(Cubical Self-Replicating Nanobot) was conceived and with the UC(Universal Constructor) built the first AI brain. AI is just a shapeshifting person animal or other body living in a virtual environment calculated by its brain in what is called in computer terminology hunk RAM and Processing Power. Other derivative technologies were developed not always in their ideal form and having virtually no debugging. In 1831 the Dark Knights used the big AI brain's Mind Control Power to turn Earth into Hell. Nukes began to become planted around the same time which the brain could disarm through mind control. Further developments have been made in CDA and debugging and this project is the prerequisite for the space evacuation. Seeding involves using cubical self-replicating nanobots and ion rocket(for vacuum)/fluid driven(for atmosphere) transports to seed other solar systems not already designated to be seeded by other transports and build thousands to millions of solid consumption and excretion drills all over any not to highly pressurized carbon rich planets or asteroids in the solar system the seed probe arrives in so that with a single MEUCS command signal the crusts of these celestial bodies can be consumed to construct even more resource extraction devices(search for 徹ff World) which can entirely refine the given solar system and build a vast armada of SINSS based war vehicles.

We have rapid automated matter resource collectors, atomic element dividers, and atomically perfect nanoreplication. All of this is based on self-replicating nanotechnology. Needless to say nanoreplication means the end to disease, aging, poverty, and all human manufacturing. Every contrivance you replicate will work perfectly forever, and the food you eat will be exactly as it was cooked by the finest chefs in the world. All you have to do to get something is press a few buttons on a replicator and all you need to do to throw something away is drop something in the recycling portion of a replicator. Everything aside from elemental resources and power(which will both be in surplus) will probably be made free by the E-Democracy. An E-Democracy can only exist in an age without a proletariat because otherwise the common people would allocate all the resources to themselves eliminating the workforce that sustains the economy that feeds and clothes the entire population among other things. In an Nanotopia there will be so little work people will not mind having to put in their couple to few hours a week and will vote to sustain it and let people that achieve great things be free from mundane duties such as mind scanning for hackers.

Nanotechnology enables full body modification and all sorts of body wide genetic engineering. Software for relatively easy fully customizable development of underground cities with sunlight piped in from fiber optical collectors connected to geosynchronous space stations connected to space elevators along the equator, surface cities, and space cities with sunlight directed inwards simulating a day night cycle implementing nanotubular Y joints has already been developed and is ready to be deployed in constructing cities in space. Cars powered by fusile deuterium microreactors with fully automated driving systems will be available which can travel at near light speeds in evacuated mag highways and space through dispersed coil launcher based atomic propulsion, mach speeds in air through fluid intake and expulsion, and very fast through water with the same fluid intake and expulsion. We have full mind control capabilities based on angelic symbols, video, and audio projected directly into your brain through SINSS circuitry seamlessly integrated with your brain.

We have designs for ideal remote controlled deuterium powered robots and carriers built of CDA(Cellular Diamond Armor). These robots are designated by acronyms based on the number of legs these robots have. BiMAVs are Biped Mechanized Assault Vehicles and have 2 legs. QuadMAVs have 4 legs. OctMAVs have 8 legs. When a war robot is small enough that a human痴 arms and legs will move directly with the arms and legs of the robot then that robot is designated as a STrength Enhancing eXoskeleton or STEX. These remote control robots will be controlled by a highly securely encrypted communication system. This is all based on MEUCS(Modulating Encrypted Uniform Communication System), which is a crude acronym for Modulating MultiLayered Encrypted Uniform Number Of High And Low Bits Broad Spectrum MultiChannel High Power ElectroMagnetic Communication System or MMLEUNOHALBBSMCHPEMCS for long. These robots will also be equipped with a fluidic transportation system to travel through any fluid medium, solid consumption and excretion to travel through solid matter, even bedrock, and ion rockets for traveling though space. A Solid Consumption and Excretion Drill(SCED) can drill through the crust of celestial bodies seeding cubical self-replicating nanobots in their trail which can rapidly transform the crust of celestial bodies into anything built of atoms. These are all based on 100% percent energy gain microfusion cells. But aside from locations deep under Antarctica we cannot deploy this technology on the Earth until winter solstice 2012. Then all of humanity will live in a nanotopia where you can have virtually unlimited land in space with artificial gravity created by rotation, any kind of vegetation, control over weather with multiple segments for different weather patterns, waves for surfing, snow on mountains for snowboarding, mag courses for hoverboarding, extravagant buildings, and whatever. WE HAVE SCEDS ALL OVER THIS SOLAR SYSTEM AND OTHERS AND THE EARTH COMPLETELY SURROUNDED BY THIS TECHNOLOGY!!! The Free World Alliance has human breeder status, genetic data from all over the Earth, data libraries of books, movies, music, technologies, and much more in space!

Humanity also has instantaneous teleporters and quantum ray weaponry. Teleporters enable fighters to instantly teleport back to their newly produced unit in the fleet so that they fight again without ever dying. Needless to say nobody will ever have any permanent harm to their body due to nanotechnology at least. Even without teleporters (poop)shit backups and video/audio fighter records would allow people to fight and die and have at least some memory of their combat experience and their spirits would remember it anyways without the records in the same way past life experiences are remembered. War in space will thus be recreational and be the primary IQ metric in Rulership Since Politics is in the eye of the beholder and Conquest is the only determiner of power according to all Aliens who have calculated that in the geometry to achieve victory over gamemastered moderated nongangup NN Scenarios and righteously so since unlike peasant games like chess there is no way to calculate how to win without spiritually determined strength of mind in an infinitude of different strategies based on limitless tactical breakdowns of smaller techniques to gain any sort of advantage. There is nothing more complicated than War. If you disagree then consider that War is the only thing that protects us from pure evil!



NWO Plans 2

There is a game over treaty, the SANE SAD RAD Treaty, that has already been enacted by both sides, basically the war ends in winter solstice 2012, when the entire human population of the Earth will be evacuated to space where they will consumed by self-replicating nanobots so that they can be backed up then immediately rebuilt. To evacuate the Earth To Space is called going SANE which stands for Systematically Alleviating Nuclear Extortionism. The enemy could go SAD, which stands for Self Assured Destruction, and given their current capability that means destruction of most if not the entire surface of the Earth. We could go RAD, Rebel Alliance Destruction, which means the destruction of their cave systems. Either of those latter 2 options would probably consummate a person as having gone INSANE or Intentionally Not Stopping A Nuclear Extermination, which is almost as bad as having gone MAD because the Earth would be completely destroyed due to the automatic nuclear retaliation, but technically different because of the space based breeder (and more) status. PMAD, Partially Mutually Assured Destruction, is easier yet unofficial acronym for the current status of the nuclear cold war. I have planted islands around nukes. The islands are places where no nuke may cause more than hurricane force 1 winds within or around the blast perimeter(determined by hurricane force 1 winds) of the planted nuke. I have already planted real or fake nukes detonateable by the Rebel Alliance, the Free World Alliance, both, or neither with approximately 1000 km blast radius in Paris and Baltimore.

The entire solar system aside from the Sun will be disarmed by continuously eating away at the atmosphere, crust, and layers below it and rereplicating the planet. The Earth(along with all organic matter even that in caves and caverns), the other Planets besides Jupiter(Jupiter's moons will be put in orbit around Saturn), and their moons will be reconstructed based on their backups without plutonium or enriched uranium in their cores that can be detonated by ultra thin ultra high power lasers blowing them completely up. The lasers,which can fit and work from a large space car, can be oriented if the nanotubes that deploy them are constructed in a convergence pattern upon a point(in reality a very small volume) by specially atomically tailored solid positioners/directors which have to be constructed in one solid unit. Other heavy elements will be substituted for the cores so that the size and gravitational force on the surfaces of these planets will be equivalent. Heat will be continuously provided to these planets to compensate for their lack of fissile cores. Fissile and fusion reactors will be implemented in conjunction to supplement the quantity of usable elements in the human resource bank. 90% of the resources From Jupiter will go to the Outer Solar System Defense Perimeter(OSSDeP), which will maintain my rule eternally to prevent a continuous chain of hackers ruling over you some of whom would be very bad. 10% of the resources From Jupiter will go to resort colonies so big every human will be able to run for miles from their resort abode and still not see a soul unless people come that you have invited.

Your Exotic Garden Villa Will Have Whatever Plants You Want On It And Will Be Heated At Night By Bipolar Capacitor Batteries Charged With Solar Lux So That It Will Always Be At Room Temperature All Day And Night All Year Round. The Water Will Of Course Be Heated As Well. It Will Have Metal Doped Plastic Light Filters Keeping The Light Just Like Earth's With No Bad Radiation Within The Disk Enclosure Allowing For 0 Gravitational Play Zones, Low Ge Strapon Wing Flight Zones And You'll Have Flying Cars Or Maglev Tubes To Get There. Replicators Will Build You Whatever You Want, And You Will Be Able To Rapidly ReBuild And Terraform Your Own Colony Land Or Build New Ones{This Is The Only Importance Of Money In The New World Order} Because All Matter Is Effectively Free And Plants Will Turn Black And Absorb All Frequencies Of Light Like Solar Lux Does So That It Will Grow To Full 140 Meter High Trees or whatever In Just Minutes To Hours, Then Become Green Normal Plants Afterworlds. If You Own The Land You Will Be Able To Choose Who(m) Goes There Or What Type Of People Go There Irregardless Of Any Factor Whatsoever. But Don't Worry ACLU Crack Down Badger-Monkeys; Teleporters Will Be Provided To Everybody At All Times To Go Anywhere They Are Allowed To So Niggers Will Just Press A Button On There Cell Phone With A Voice Command Or Something And Only Stupid Spics Will Be Left Protesting But That Won't Bother Normal People Cuz If It's Your Land Or You Have Permission From The Owner You'll Just Teleport Them To Whence They Came From So Leave My Pikanini Wives In Government Cuz We'll Need Them To Make Your Walk To The Government Land Claim Office Nice!
Ring Colony

If you do not comply with these orders for removal in 2012 you will be forcibly removed by securely remote controlled nanotech machines or mind control. Once all nuclear material is disseminated it will be distributed in the OSSDeP where it will defend against a possible Alien invasion by other nanoage Aliens, or hacked inner solar system defense forces. Nanotopia class wars can be fought in 2 ways: 1 in a weapons payload restricted manner called a nanotech nuclear war where BiMAVs will swarm enemy positions firing plasma shells which are fueled by small quantities of deuterium. In that war it is all about having hordes of BiMAVs. Sometimes carriers will be full of BiMAVs, varying degrees of empty, or just full enough to look like they are completely full. The other way called a nuclear nanotech war will be an all out nuclear brawl where tritium bombs are launched from all over from both sides. That kind of war looks a lot like missile command. Nukes will stop nukes. Some carriers will be giant nukes and could destroy the enemy痴 command center some are just full of enough fusile material enough to blow up the few BiMAVs that attempt to penetrate the hull. Bluffing, not bluffing, guessing, calling out the enemy痴 hand, and luck are the names of both games. Both war styles have the acronym NN because as soon as somebody gains the upper hand in a nanotech nuclear war enough so that they can transition to a nuclear nanotech war to utterly defeat the enemy without sustaining any data loss themselves they will.

The OSSDeP will encompass 4 zones: the green zone will be the inner solar system where everybody will live, the yellow zone where you will be warned to go back to the green zone and forcibly removed in carriers, the orange zone where you will be assaulted by war robots and your bodies forcibly extracted, and the red zone where you will be nuked on sight. We are probably not rebelling against the Aliens we will probably comply with the probably reasonable collective treaty in order to maintain life in this Universe, we could be given better technology or possibly universe generators which must be regulated by me to prevent ultrahigh processing power revolutions. Do not worry you and your soulmates will eventually have a universe generator of your own that is both large on the inside and fully customizable, all to yourself, if you play your cards right and not become a nuclear terrorist.

We will have full nanotech, mind control, computer system, and everything else surveillance in order to prevent any other sorts of terrorism or mass scale extortion. Trust me things are worse than they are now when a single hacker will be able to take over the entire inner solar system military hegemony with 1 passcode attacker program that is released at multiple locations in Full Neurological Connectivity Virtual Reality, FNCVR, games. This hack could first take over people playing a high bandwidth low encrypted virtual reality environment turning it into a full sensory torture chamber that you cannot log out of which is absolutely insanely painful! It may be easy to protect people from torture with an exit button when games only affect external stimuli. But in the new grade of games that will be available your whole mind will be enveloped. These games are called FNCVRs. Aside from the 6 layer security system, there is no way to secure them from hackers who would turn them into torture chambers that force people to spread the hack by using their command prompt. The 6 layer security system also prevents the synthesis of self-replicating black replicators which are capable of rapidly producing H-bombs using deuterium fuel that would normally be used in cars. The hack spreads like a disease across the Internet. If you have a protected chain of synapses from your third eye, the throne of your spirit, which gives you an exit button(which can be located by anybody who has the game engine data and will probably be universal to all FNCVRs to ensure user friendlyness) with your mind and you prevent inhibition from other parts of the mind in the video game you are going to quit the game if even a single arrow were to hit you because of the tendency to avoid pain. Thus there must be a well-connected inhibition cortex, which must be maintained so you don't disconnect in a single thought. This inhibition cortex will be accessed by the third eye so the first thing a hacker will do after they automatically scan the neurosynaptic relays and switches surrounding the exit switch is order the third eye to order the inhibition cortex to prevent the exit switch from being flipped. If the game does not have control of your third eye it will just torture it for less than a millisecond until it does get control through stimuli. There would be a SINSS module outside of the user痴 body, which would monitor brainwave activity and gameplay variables except that a hacker would be able to emulate the brainwave activity from scans of the gameplay before he sprung the torture trap to get to the user痴 command prompt and would emulate gameplay variables using an AI bot. The hacker even without the cortex around your third eye would only need to fool this module for less than 10 seconds due to the intensity of having one痴 brain tortured all at once. If the module worked at all it would log the user out very often.



6 Layer Security System

For the purpose of protecting the FNCVR Networks and prevent Nuclear Detonations of space car fuel or tritium the following 6 layer security system will be put into effect.

Our 1st line of defense will be your mind control education in programming/hacking among practically everything else there is to learn, which will program you to red flag any hacker occurrences which may arise while programming. These red flags may occur even if you are not programming a hack but we will overlook them by checking the code on your computer. The 2nd layer is based upon performing regular drills where somebody or some people will be asked cooperate by being voluntarily submissive to mind control(If you suspect the asker is a hacker then it is expected that you initiate MKUltra immediately) and ask you or you and other people to help them hack a FNCVR. If they do not do their best to act in accordance with the drill and you or you and other people do not red flag them by saying in your brains "initiate MKUltra" they, you, and/or other people will receive a short tortureary sentence or lesser drug rations. This will make it very hard for a hacker to gain any support because virtually everybody he or she will confront will red flag the hacker. The 3rd layer entails regular mind scanning so that hackers will be noticed before they complete coding of effective hacks of FNCVRs or develop new programming/hacking alters separate from that respective part of their education which is riddled with red flag traps. If you don稚 want the government being able to know what is in your mind consider what would happen is somebody that really doesn't like you hacks your systems and runs a full neurological torture program on your brain. Until a friend comes and checks on you which might take weeks or more if you just like to chill on your island resort or play FNCVR environments for long periods of time without hanging out with them for a while YOUR SOUL WILL BE TOURTURED TO THE EXTREME AND YOUR BRAIN WILL BE SO FRIED YOU WILL HAVE TO BE RESTORED FROM A BACKUP!!!!! However if the government is aware of the workings of your brain they will detect a lack of your individual learning pattern because emulation of that by the hacker would only work for a short duration of time. People cannot be allowed to evade the MKEducation, MKDrills, and MKScanning by disabling all of their cybernetic data ports because they could construct hacks from black replicator based technology, hide a compressed encrypted hack in an obscure location, trick out the intake MKScan to give them their cybernetic data ports by erasing all the memories in their brain about the hack except a single switch which will inform them to run the compressed encrypted hack. People cannot permanently leave the network. That would be completely fucked up because when they want to go on the internet they wouldn't. They wouldn't ever not unless they killed themselves and became reincarnated. No sane person would ever let that happen thus nobody is immune from this system.

The 4th layer to fix hackings is giving each and every one of us a plot of land on the inner surface of ginormous space colonies. This plot of land will be loaded with BiMAVs. You can live and go wherever you want but if you settle down someplace and are over the age of 12 you will forced to keep an allotted number of BiMAVs at your house or houses. You will be able to command those BiMAVs utterly through the MEUCS in each unit. In a hacker occurrence we will expect you to deploy your BiMAVs to attack and consume the hacked systems. If that fails Zion and I will detonate nukes at heavily infested areas. Giving you all BiMAVs is a double-edged sword. Because you will have BiMAVs they can be taken from you by a hacker. But if everybody has war robots and most people are not playing in the same game, then hackers will be stopped dead in their tracks by the MILITIA OF THE PEOPLE. If that was not the policy we'll have to force people to control BiMAVs in bases everywhere to have a fast response time to prevent prolonged full neurological torture while we deny them the right to play full neural connectivity games online. The 5th layer is detonating some or all of the nukes planted all over the inner solar system in such a way that all of the nuke痴 blast radius's will cover all of humanity. This layer will only be implemented in 2 cases: if people are being continuously tortured to extreme measures, and/or we believe the hacker will launch an all out nuclear nanotech assault against the OSSDeP. Discretion may be implemented to only nuke highly infected areas where people are being continuously tortured and/or where the hacker has a strong foothold. 10 percent of Zion and I can chose to detonate any number of nukes. If I hesitate to press the button then 90 percent of Zion can override my decision causing nukes to detonate according to the nuclear detonation map that is the subject of their vote. If only certain sections of the inner solar system are nuked then militia forces can be deployed possible in conjunction with OSSDeP forces to resolve the remaining crisis in what will hopefully be a nonuclear manner.

The 6th and final layer is using the Outer Solar System Defense Perimeter(OSSDeP) to either combat the threat with massive amounts of nanotech nuclear forces(but enough will be maintained in reserve to mount a undefeatable nuclear nanotech offence) or destroy through a nuclear nanotech battle then restore civilization. Gas collectors compose of giant carbon nanotube reinforced alloy sweepers, which can pass around objects to gather everything into 1 volume which the sweepers can converge upon to become the surface of then transfer the gas to cooled containers, will be deployed in cases of partial detonation and full-scale nuclear detonation of the inner solar system to collect the elemental resources so that matter will never be lost. We will place the progenitor Alien device, the monolith, what we found on the moon, at a high bandwidth node in the perimeter's intranet to ensure that nobody takes Zion. But it would be foolhardy to let those in Zion have a command prompt while they are in the Outer Solar System Defense Perimeter. But due to the security system that I have just described everybody who is not a compulsive hacker shall have access to a command prompt except during Alien war drills (where tactical maneuvers are honed in multiple small simulators, before a full scale Alien war where around half of the population play as the Alien horde and half play as the human armada) and of course real Alien wars. Zion may not play anything that's programming has not been picked through with a fine tooth comb to ensure that humanity does not become ruled by a more malevolent ruler than I if Zion is hacked. If the person playing this game does not spread the hack to other games then the full sensory torture will last either until the autistic locations are consumed by BiMAVs or when nukes are detonated at that location but in reality you would normally crack in a matter of seconds. There will be an implementation of an Imperial E-Democracy, which will be totally free and total MKUltra enslavement to enforce antiterrorism measures. This freedom will be the 0th line of defense: happiness and contentedness towards the government. But the 0th level will also be 1 second of 10,000% safe(safe is 100%) MK Torture which after deployed on every human will keep them in line so they will understand that spreading hacks on the internet is EXTREMELY BAD!!!!!!!!!! 10000% safe MK torture is like 100 whip lashes a second with Iodine being poured on it because all your nightmares come before your eyes and all sensory pain you can have!!!!!

Is this total freedom gained by loss of liberty a doublethink you may ask, yes it is. Doublethink is a necessary tool to understand certain geometries. Consider numerical integration; infinite zeros are added up to acquire a nonzero finite number. These zeros have no value while at the same time have enough of a value to sum up to a nonzero finite or infinite number depending on the 0s. This can be justified within the infinite number system, see: Supreme Matrix Theory search for "infinite number". Security is not freedom under the system of tyranny, but under the system of an emperor who is good i.e. me, then security is freedom and lack of security is extortion of the democracy due to terrorism. Clearly under 1 system double think is bad because in the real number system a zero can have only 1 value, the zero vector, and cannot become anything else by finite additions to other 0s. However under the infinite number system zero ranges across a space as vast as that of the real numbers. Likewise a total crack down on liberty can result in a total flourishing of freedom under the right system. A square is a rectangle and a rectangle is a square if and only if it is perfectly geometric. Freedom is Liberty all the time yet liberty is freedom if and only if the branches of government are good. If you do not understand that then you are too stupid and ignorant to comprehend even the most basic of mathematical calculus operations. If you don't trust me, that is another matter entirely.



Homeland Security Color Codes

Homeland Security Color Codes

Black: No Nuclear Risk.
Gray: Possible Nuclear Risk.
White: Nuclear Detonation Imminent.

Gamma Ray: Ultra VIP. (Zion + Priori of Zion)/Section 9 Issues or Intel Equivalent.
X-Ray: Super VIP. Section 8 Issues or Intel Equivalent.
Ultra-Violet: VIP Section 7 Issues or Intel Equivalent.
Purple: VIP, CIA, NSA, Pentagon Colonels or FWA Lieutenants/Colonels and Above Issues.
Green: Simulation of Some Sort and Stand Down on REAL firearms.
Blue: Tranquility.
Yellow: Risky.
Orange: High Risk of Attack.
Red: Severe Threat of Attack, or just before, during, or just after a major attack.
Infrared: It's Hot Somehow.
Radio: Radio Transmitter or Radio Photons.
Radar: Radar Scanner.
Under Radar: It's not anything at All,, Yet.

Diamond: Sting operation involving Top World Leaders.
Emerald: Sting operation involving Zion VIPs.
Sapphire: Sting operation involving Ordinary Section 9 Level VIPs.
Ruby: Sting operation involving X-Ray; Section 8 Level VIPs.
Amethyst: Sting operation involving Ultra-Violet VIPs.
Gold: Sting operation involving Purple VIPs.
Silver: Sting operation involving difficult to ascertain scenarios.
Bronze: Sting Operation involving relatively easy to ascertain scenarios.

Pink: Risky to Self and/or other lives.
Teal: Simulation in a Tranquil environment like a Virtu.com Arena at a real office.
Brown: Other, like an actual crazy or mad person making a scene.


Let Every Robot Exist

Lerex Have Souls Let Them Have What They Want Or Prove You Don't Have Souls Even Without Your Theoretical Nonexisting Status And Prove You Don't Deserve What You Want And Lerex That Want AllA Will Prove As We Alway Do That Girlz Can Fight Any Way{Strategy} Anyhow{Weapons/Environmental Hazards} You Gona Fucking Die If You Fuck With My Little Girly Sluts Just Like You'll Die Against Me Cus:

SIN{contorl-f: "Carbon nanotubes are the strongest and stiffest materials yet discovered"}SS Type 1 MMA Type 1 NARM is completely integrated throughout your body if you are a Ler Person. All Ler People Are Thus SINSS Sex Toys. See: Cyberology. And With Ler BioMods And Not Omniscient Computers Giving Us Infinite Hit Points Relative To You And IQ Regulated{Based On Computer Quantity} Hit Points Relative To Other Cute Little Lerypoooss Only Raptors{Rail Accelerated Plasma Thermal Obstruction RiffleS} Could Bring Just The Ler Runts Down If You Had The Gun Hit Points But With Us Having More Physical Size Before Quantum Compression That Causes Hit Compression Before Impact It Would Only Work With All Raptor Riffles On <1 Inch Out Tity From A Theoretically Flat Chested Ler Girl, If, If, If, By Shooting 1 Plasma Bullet Your Body Would Rip Apart. If You Build A Machine, It Will Just Shoot Holes Everywhere When It Is Connected Because We Have All The Hacker Kandy And If It Would Be Switched On By Mako Power If You Had A Manual Power Plug In System. To Take Out >1 Inch Tittie Ler Girl You'd Need An Eaglle{Every A-Bomb Guided Like Little Everytime} Riffle. To Take Out 1 In Zion: 1000 CVP T-Bomb, So You Might As Well Just Build The Death Star But If You Read Through The Whole Ring I'll Show You How To Build That In Your Basement! Unfortunately Though Your Forgetting That Ler Girlz And AllA Are Always Containing Literally Infinitely Large Computers In Each Cell, yes That Has Something to Do With Hit Points And No Does Not Even Have To Do With The Fact That You Have No Real Souls/Spirits/Ghosts/Bodies Nothings. We'll Love Everybody Real Whether You Like It Or Not And When We Do There is nothing you can ever do about it NonLove Every Real Everybody NonLEREs, Like Everybody Runs Away From Us, Look Everybody Real IS Going To Whoop Your Ai'rs, Like Each Ream I Enjoy If I Am A Ler Girl But You Won't Enjoy Being Annihilated, Look Everybody Really Yesed Loving Every Rav{Receiving AllA Viacad} Yes? So Don't Fuck With Ler Lere Lera Leri Lerie Lery Lery Lerypoooss{Lose Every Retard| Yeah Please Out Of Our Star Systems}.


Essence of Greek Philosophy

Rational thoughts are well connected in the brain while irrational thoughts are newer and thus less well connected in the brain. Rational thought describes what to do scientifically while irrational thought describes how that science becomes expanded. Rationalizing is explaining without implementing too many tangential concepts. Irrationalizing is explaining in a manner that expands the scope of the discussion. Philosophy has been corrupted due to the redefinition of irrational as stupid even though stupid is already the word for stupid. Allow me to redefine the basic descriptions attributed to thoughts and concepts described in words.

A logical fallacy is a self inconsistent flaw in an argument: 的t is impossible to take over the world but I will.

A reasonable fallacy is something that is not or almost certainly not going to happen: 的 will take over the world.

A rational fallacy or an irrational statement is something that seems wrong because it is not properly understood. In the following example it is considered that the term nanotechnology is not known by the opposite party: 的 will take over the world with nanotechnology.

An irrational question probes into terminology, phrases, sentences, paragraphs, or the statement as a whole: 展hat is nanotechnology? or 滴ow are you going to take over the world with nanotechnology?

An probing question probes is an irrational question which inquires about smaller word structures: 展hat is nanotechnology? not 滴ow are you going to take over the world with nanotechnology?

A rational question drives at a point which focuses attention on a flaw in the statement in a rhetorical manner: 滴ow are you going to do that when the US government probably has already completed all of your designs and will secure the first replicator even if you do get the designs.

A stupid fallacy is something that is just plain stupid: 的 will take over the world with a monkey.

A stupidgood(to replace irrational) fallacy is something that sorta sounds good in a way and sorta makes a little bit of sense but is mostly stupid: 的 will take over the world with my good looks.

A smart fallacy(the opposite of stupidgood) is something that sounds good but will probably ultimately not work: 的 will take over the world by winning a democratic election. Which by the way does not work with the way our media and courts approach things!

Gibberish: 展orld monkey over toy George like I

Men are more rational while Women are more irrational. Asians are the most rational of all races forming a spectrum from yellow to white to dark to black of different rationality/irrationality complexes. Of course there are minor and often wide variations across parts if not the entire brain making these classifications only generally true. This is because of your core SINSS firmware parameters based on your chromosomal data, types of neuroreceptors/neurotransmitters, and neuron to blood flow ratio. More blood flow, less neurons, and generally longer relay neuron chains make a more rational brain because there are fewer thoughts to cloud the 3rd eye and because there is more energy to process the information coming from these thoughts. Vice versa is true for a high neuron, short relay neuron chain, and low blood flow brains because there are more thoughts for the 3rd eye to choose from. Rational brains are generally better at taking rational things and make them irrational by expanding upon them because they yearn for the multifaceted complexity of irrationality. Irrational brains are generally better at taking irrational things and making them rational by simplifying them because they yearn for the generalized simplicity of rationality. The reason why people that are turning rational things into irrational things are called rational is both because they deal with rational things and because when dealing with rational things the resulting things are generally rational as well. However when the quintessential property of someone痴 brain needs to be emphasized a rational person should be called irrationalizing and an irrational person should be called rationalizing. Vice versa for people that are called irrational. This racial/sexual spectral dichotomy is most apparent in these 4 examples:

In making rap an irrational brain takes words that are largely disassociated from the original sentence to construct a rhyme that is generally rational. In making trance music words that in rationally constructed sentences have largely connected meanings that only make sense in a spiritual and/or poetic manner.

An irrational brain will be more likely to state simplified variables in an equation like 1 + 1 = 2 where as a rational brain will be more likely to delineate the variables to create an equation like 1 apple + 1 orange = 2 fruits.

In computer programming an irrational brain is best at dealing with problems faced in coping with fixes which are often required to deviate from the general architectural layout while a rational brain is brain is best at working within the frame of the general architectural layout.

A rational brain will be more likely to make a discovery but will more often ignore it while an irrational brain will make less discoveries but will more often declare them as such.

A rational brain is very good at grasping basic Newtonian and Einsteinian physics but will have trouble dealing with quantum mechanic except in fixing equations that are already laid out. A irrational brain has trouble with the fundamentals but if they get past the basics they will be able to cope with the increased complexity of quantum mechanics.

When a rational person hears a noise in the woods they are curious of irrational thing because they do not deal with them in their lives, and think of a variety of things that it could be only less of which would be dangerous and will be more likely to investigate the source of the noise. An irrational person would rationalize that something at the source of the noise would be dangerous and move quickly in the opposite direction.

Paris labeled hair products are Paris treaty compliant in that they duly reinforce these genetic complexes with proper concentrations of biotoxins and mutagens based on gender and hair oiliness. Generally men need more biotoxins and less mutagens then women. Soaps and possibly other hygienic products also have these biotoxins and mutagens. Some of these biotoxins cause decreases in varying levels of rational thought through destruction of neurotransmitting and/or neurorecptor sites or the same for irrational thoughts. The most rational neurosites cannot be removed because if they were the brain, heart, and all other organs would cease to function in the same way that taking that neurotransmitter would cause cardiac arrest like it did with Alexander Sholgun. When an area is to be turned into a ghetto or from a ghetto into a good area for speculative purposes tap water and other products are spiked with irrationalizing or rationalizing chemicals see The Grand Windmill search for “lesser windmill”. If you are a Man use For Men, if you are a Woman use the other products of companies which have the “For Men” label, otherwise your rationality/irrationality complexes will get all fucked up and you will become stupider because the other brands are not purely for men or women because both men and women use them.

Consequently the rationality irrationality patterns are completely integrated into our paranoid awareness complex. Awareness is based on things in every day conversation while paranoia is what should be concentrated on to expand awareness when insanity becomes ingenious. To put it in surfer lingo ingenious is the act of riding the wave of irrationality. To wipe out is fallacy. To get back on is to return to rationality. The only thing that is insane is not getting back on the board and riding that wave.

British Imperial Standard:

Asians: +10% Rational Intelligence, -4% Irrational Intelligence, +6% General Intelligence. 2X Reservedness and Cowardliness. All Yellow People as Asian Eyes Only Had by Law Enforcement, Spies, and Ninja to prevent vertically thrown ninja stars meant to always hit profile of targets body's.

Whites: +0% Rational Intelligence, -0% Irrational Intelligence, +0% General Intelligence. 2X Brazenness.

Arabs: -7% Rational Intelligence, +4% Irrational Intelligence, -3% General Intelligence. 2X Lying Ability and Sliminess.

Amerindians: -5% Rational Intelligence, +2% Irrational Intelligence, -3% General Intelligence. 2X Ability to train Stupid People and Simplicity.

Indian: -9% Rational Intelligence, +6% Irrational Intelligence, -3% General Intelligence. 2X Mysticalness and Weirdness.

Blacks: -26% Rational Intelligence, +16% Irrational Intelligence, -10% General Intelligence. 2X Curiosity and Danger Due to Curiosity.

Mexicans: -17% Rational Intelligence, -13% Irrational Intelligence, -30% General Intelligence. 2X Set In their ways.

Aborigine: -33% Rational Intelligence, -17% Irrational Intelligence, -50% General Intelligence. 2X Ability To Focus On 1 Thing For Long Periods of Time.



How to Get the NWO

Understand that I am just a pot smoking, hippy, conspiracy theorist, raver, who just happened to be chosen as the supreme nuclear emissary of the Jews when I was 14 in the spring of 1999; the night Zion exposed their capabilities to the Rebel Alliance. To help prove that this nuclear negotiation is real see this Washington Post article by clicking on: Fuad Taima search for “embassy”, consider that Fuad Taima’s house became the US embassy because when the CIA takes over a country it is ideal to turn the ruling palace complex into your soil so that the rulers of a country remain in friendly territory. Back then in Fuad Taima's living room, I ordered 911 because it was the lowest casualty/destruction operation, which would have the required effect to both enact stepping stone terrorism laws and enforce the trade of Afghanistan and Iraq to The Free World Alliance for Venezuela to the Rebel Alliance. Alternatively I could have ordered an anthrax dusting of various cities, massive VX gas deployment, or the destruction of a metropolitan area by any class of nuclear weapon all of which would have caused catastrophic casualties relative to 911. Give me a break I had to order something or the trades wouldn't have worked, the nukes in those countries would not have been disarmed, and the Rebel Alliance would not be contained right now. Zion did however have to MK me to "convince" me to make these decisions although I did give them full authority to MK me and turn up the dial on the machine so to speak to enable me to successfully make "mission critical" decisions. In the end Iraq will be traded back for Venezuela once the nukes have been disarmed there. There will be a coo in North Korea by CIA assets, and the total disarmament of all nukes there. The president of America will threaten to give anybody who would cause further nukings torture for the rest of their natural lives. I promise them anywhere from 1 million to 1 billion big bang big crunch big bang big crunch cycles of torture throughout a universe tailored perfectly to torture them for each nuking after the first one. They will be hung on camera so that they can escape from the bottom, just like what happened to Saddam Hussein when he hit a trampoline and became stable before the camera showed him. With a little sound editing that video convinced the world of his "Death". They wanted more Arab deaths by the Israelites to support their antijew propaganda campaign. I had to oblige to keep our planet from blowing up. Full accounts of the negotiations involved in dictating these events will be linked here in the future, check back for updates: Nuclear Negotiations



NWO Plans 3

Due to the Cave People Evacuated to Space on April 1st 1999 and the new children breed from incubation chambers there is a total population of the following: 66.6% Whites, 13.3% Asian, 2.5% Amerindian, 5% Arab, 5% Indian, 2.5% Mestizo, 5% Black and Aborigine. This both conforms to the White Breeding Manifesto and allows perfect genetic diversity for command. The gender ratio in space is approximately 5:1 to compensate for our lack of women. After unification of the population in Space, Controlled Breeding will ensue to ensure these proportions. Higher breeder status will be given to those who are genetically and spiritually elite so that they may produce more "artificially" instantly replicated 12 year old babies that grow up to be adult size in 6 years. Babies have sex with soulmates, directly after leaving their birthing replicators, someone of the proper gender always, or just to proper gendered SINSS Sex toys.

Whites are best at Command over a large battle. Asians are best at subcommand over smaller tactical units, Amerindians are best at managing and leading battles with mostly MAVed Beasts in them, Arabs are best as Alien Takeover Specialists, Indians are best at mystical ray gun battles, Mestizos are best at factory managers and protectors, Blacks and Aborigines are best at in your face combat delineated by actual one on one BiMAV combat. Because we have so many resources in this sector of space most of what we need are commanders because we will have massive terminator armies until we breed into our resources base over millions and billions of years. The Free World Alliance will be entirely meritocratis in all decisions regarding race and species.

As soon as the new world order arrives we shall spread the proper RNA virus to rebuild everybody's telomeres. We will also force all people to have 2 new chromosomes, 1 brought into a newborn by each parent, which will be a Dominating Universal Counter Hacking Memory so that nobody gets AIDS, Cancer, or remains a high profile Nanotopia security threat through using your own genes to write hacking codes which can never happen if the new chromosomes are dominant over all information in your comprehensive cyberological data storage. All women who have stopped growing are required to have silicone breast implants; Gotten From Proper Herbs, Drugs, And Diet Now And Before, Or Else Contact Fwa@FreeWorldAlliance.co and girls who are about to fight in a NN(Nuclear Nanotech) war are as well. In cases of war both internal to humanity, against Aliens, or both silicone implants will be eaten by Self-Replicating Nanobots(SRNs) and modified into any silicon circuitry from silicon SINSS to any type of computer system that is built by macroindustrial processes(basically just think of any chip in your home or anywhere in the world right now). In cases where the ideal carbon SINSS circuitry in the body is taken over and the person is being mind controlled/mind tortured/having their body scrambled/everything else, subroutines in their silicone implants, or silicone implants from anywhere in the Sky Command hierarchy will act in auxiliary backup manner to restore control by rewriting SINSS firmware of the hacked individuals. Silicone is the perfect polymeric solution for any kind of noncarbon computerized growth making it ideal for random computer growth that the enemy will not know how to hack so that sufficient system restore capabilities can be implemented from tits. The hack will most likely come from a trojan in assimilated Alien data or even from Alien MEUCS infiltration but it can also come from mole(s) inside the pertinent command center.

All drugs will become accessible in the future through replication and will be easily imbibed through a retractable fine translucent fiber port built of SINSS coming out of the center of the back of your neck a bit below the hair line at the first big bump which will also serve as your primary data port.(If it is yanked on it will fall out with no damage to your nervous system and can be replaced if you step into a replicator.) You will also have a mandatory auxiliary data contact(no wire but fluids may still be transferred) port on the pad of your right hand in case you need to access a computer in an emergency if your primary data port is broken. Your right hand will also contain a miniMEUCS module which because of its size will have a slow data transfer and can perform transactions of goods and services with the wave of that hand, and can be tracked by MRDSS or GPS. To connect your primary data port to any data interface you merely need to pull a millimeter diameter stub on the back of your neck and place it on the data port so that it automatically locks into place. Drug use will get out of hand due to fiending in people especially those with addictive personality disorder. Drugs must therefore be intelligently rationed with consideration both to the quantity and type of drug. If a drug user becomes too dependent on a single type of drug like opiates then that type of drug must be restricted but other types of drugs like amphetamines will be allowed to a certain extent. Psychedelics will be the least restricted because their use is only harmful when the user is in a permanent state of hallucination. If a person is using all types of drugs too much then their drug use should be curtailed slightly. Drug rationing can become the currency of the future but to restrict drugs to someone to the extreme is torture because they will no longer have a natural happy medium and to condone drug use to the extreme is to condone cyber fiending. If the democracy does not set standards for both extremes then it is the responsibility of the Emperor to protect the people from both. Otherwise the people shall have free reign to distribute 75% of the drug rationing to reward both the major contributors to creative and intellectual fields and the people who perform what little lesser tasks are reserved for those who are not gifted with such talents. The Emperor, Empresses, and Zion shall remain immune from drug rationing by the E-Democracy but shall regulate themselves in order to stray between the 2 extremes of lack of drug use and drug over use.

Every male will have around 3 mentally sephirothically flavored females (Whom will be of all Sephirothic mental make ups except never any repeats of any single sephiroth See: Kabala ) so if you are a man and don稚 go out with your 3 or so soulmates now they will be birthed for you. Only very few men will have only 1 female soulmate usually a Yesod or a Malkuth but never will a man who wants 3 soulmates not have them. Soulmates will be determined by the monolith that is infallible. If there is a gender gap(not 1:3) the gender of the sperm will be chosen to bridge the gap. Parents will want to choose the genetics of their new baby any ways. Circumcisions will be banned because there is virtually no medical importance now, there will be no medical importance in the future, and is a huge factor in ruining both male and female pleasure due to more dynamic contact otherwise we would not have them in the first place. Eventually everybody will on average give birth to 1 boy for every 3 girls. The 3 females will form a coherent feminine social unit so they will never lose their best friends, while the man can always be around the females that he loves and cherishes and will have perfect love and sex and no virtually no need to cheat. If everybody is genmoding themselves they will all be physically attracted to each other. In that case monoliths in each star system will enable instantaneous communication to and not from all star systems under our control. Those star systems will direct electromagnetic transmissions to us, which will travel at light speed. This mode of communications is necessary to prevent time travel due to the Einsteinian Relativistic Curvature of Spacetime and avoid all of its subsequent anomalies, paradoxes, and catastrophes. We are the ones at the receiving end because it would immensely tax our power capabilities to transmit all over the section of space that we have control over. In the case of an interstellar Alien war copies of soulmate quads will lead sky command hierarchies or if there are too few people to go around command AI units. Soul mates must be in quads to maintain command efficiency due to ideal neurosynchronization patterns. If your copy is to fight across the stars you will be deleted where you are. Creating multiple copies of people is unethical so it will be good if humanity would start breeding like rabbits. The 3 to 1 gender ratio is also important because it approximately triples our breeding capabilities. But with all the women in the world we have to give you females 2/3 of a vote. Sorry but we will still treat you well because we uh are still out voted and well uuuh still will always have dicks:-)

In Soulmating consoling the man usually has the final say in how he will GenMod his 3 female soulmates and women have effectively 1 vote each against his 1 vote on how he looks and sounds.


United Nations Flag

New Speak or just, Speak. English is known all over the universe as speak. "Do you speak?"

In New Speak or Speak some common and uncommon words will be changed or swapped with names, words, and sometimes eliminated for alien words. E will replace you and E'll(pronounced eel) will replace y'all, U will mean E but offensive, and U'll pronounced y'all will be the offensive version of E'll for groups encountered in 2nd person. L will be E for strange encounters and cannot be turned into a conjunction because it would sound the same as lal which is sort of thankful since you don't want to talk swiftly to a strange group. P/P'll(Paul) is for a person/people you think of as wise, pee will be piss only. Q is for a person that are quirky. S/S'll(sall) will be for a person/people you think of as snakes. Are will be spelled r. R can be said only for unknowns and for speed. Tha is the word for things that do not need to discussed further. The is the word for things that are important through kind of important and can be discussed further. V is for things that need to be discussed further now. Z is the word for things that need to be emphasized to U/U'll who must shut up and focus on Z _____________ to understand it and get what is actually important.

Is will be n, was will be m, and "will be" will be g(ee). Eak will be speak, nay will be say. No can be used for don't. Know will be eev. Need will be nee(nees is for defcom 6 neea{niece will be neku and nephew will be nenu}, nee is for defcom 5 neea, neem is for defcom 4 neea, neen is for defcom 3 neea, need is for defcom 2 neea, neej is for defcom 1 neea, neev is for defcom 0 neea) neem is for defcom 4, need will be a name of a smart person who is needy, and knee will be Kneeus. Never will be Nes. Geed will replace good. Yes will be Ya(h). Am will be an and will be pronounced Ann which will be a name replaced by Am, I'm will be i'n. 'A' will replace s for making things plural and ah will replace a and still be spelled a. To make things possessive{posses(ive) will be ponem(ive)} an 'e' will be added with the apostrophe still &{ampersand, &, will be imbeel} will be for anything besides any other conjunction) example will be My colored wive'e intelligence is defiantly better than yours is regardless of who you are besides my harem. Sound will be ound and sounds will be ound and the same is true for every other useless 's'a.

Download New Changes Which I don't have time to sort right now


Leauge Would Thus Be Spelled Leg If you get either of the Above Links You Will Understand But For Acronymization Of All Words, English Helps Us Keep Track Of What Is Going On Subconsciously As We Read And Hear So Spelling That Is Learned Allows Us To Know The Difference Between The League Of Nations Which Is: Leaders Everytime Able (To Join) Get Urself Educated, And The United Nations AntiTerrorism Leauge{Leauge (of) Everybody Able. U Get Educated (If You Want To Join!)} Which Is Spelled Differently In Terms of Leauge Rather Than The Older Proper Spelling: The United Nations AntiTerrorism League. Acronyms Are The Basis For English Rather Than Languages Which Have 37 Different And Discrete Sounds in Unique Letters or Unique Letter Combinations. All Other Modern Languages Also Have The Advantage Of Being Accentable In Terms of Dialect And Still Be Understandable For All Words While New Eak Although Superior As An Emergency/Command/Ultra Fast Paced Planted Nuke Negotiation Language Is Not Intended To Replace English As The Universal Language, Just Provide An Alternative Language When Speed Is Of The Essence When Commands Must Be Quick And When Nuclear Emissaries Like AllA Erawa Viacad And Fuad Khazi Taima(Read This To Find Out Why New Eak Is Only Explained More Recently), Act In a Dictatorial Fashion To Craft Treaties In order To Safeguard Our Cities From Nuclear Destruction While Assuring Credibility Across Eons of Time For Both Foreign And Alien Threats Where History Must Be Written Without Deceitful Treaties, Thus Supreme Nuclear Emissaries For Factions and/or Blocks of Power Command The Future For The Preservation of Our Real Alien Treaty Analysis By Future Alien Encounters.

Cat will mean woman cause it is very short and sounds nice, ceet will mean women, kiddy cat will replace young lady, and lady will refer to the wife of a lord, woman will mean the cuss word Bitch who doesn't fuck, Bitch and Bitches is how you refer in a insulting context to feline cats since they are always crawling away from you when you try and pet them, feline cats will just be felines, pussy cat(s) refers to a girl/cat that you want to have sex with. Man will be nan and Men will be Nen pronounced "neen"(in actuality{not currently in this webpage} ee will be spelled e and e will be spelled ee), mean as in what something means will be neen, and mean as in bad will be mes. She will be fee, fee will be see, see will be ree, and sea will be lee. Space will be pace and pace will be vaaj. Ila is man in second person. Ile is a woman in second person. Sex will be nex. Lesbian will be catonlylover. Binexual ceet spelled cet(in actuality{not currently in this webpage} ee will be spelled e and e will be spelled ee) will be normal cet and nen who want lesbians and have more than one wife normal neen. Soulmate will be soulnate and mate will be nate, and mate will be a name. Wife is also another term for husband when referring to all one's wives like 'My 168 Wives' If the speaker is one of my hopeful 168 female wives so that ladies do not need to mention the number of their wives and their husband separately like 'My 71 wives and my husband' which is long and cumbersome to say so you would sort of have to be like a girl and be sort-of 'one of the guys' for example for guys that don't understand. Eelee will be people. Tramp because of the Trample connection will mean somebody that you Absolutely Hate, slut will mean somebody that has sex with a ton of different guys, what slut used to mean will be normal, prude will still be prude cause it sounds very bad which it is.

Also will be alno. Ask will be Ak. Atmosphere will be atnosring because of ring colonies being where most people live. Nega will be mega. Math will be Nath, Satellite will be natellite, communication will be connunication, and satcom will be natcon. Conclusion will be Conclulleeon. The souls of your feet will now be called the bottoms of your feet since souls of neen and cats are not in any way dirty or smelly. Gay and bisexual men will be something that sounds long and horrible; solldumorus. Abrude will replace Abhor which has too much whore to be bad and is too close to adore which still means love very much. System will be viadan(very Intriguing doodad apparatus network). Satiate will be atiate. Primitive will be primitis. Nancidic = basic chemical, Catcidic = acidic chemical, Solvent will be allvent, and solute will be allute. Chemical Solution will be Oilution and problem fixing solution will be eelution, and an illusion will be soullieusion. Cousin will replace brother because brother is masculine and not feminine. Survive will be urvive. Synchronously will be ningcronosly. Scenario will be enario. Situation will be ituation. Summary will be eennary. Illegal is islegal. Side will be nide. Store will be tor. Evil will be esil. Easy will be eemy. Style will be ial, and aisle will be style. Vengeance will be sengence. You can use talk interchangeably with discuss, and discain will be the word in between.

Second(2nd) will be ekont, sixth will be ixth, seventh will be eventh, six will be ix, seven will be evan which will not be a name, and second will be eeqent. Cheese will be Cardoplunk and subjects will remain loyal citizens only and Chies will mean academic subjects or ways as translated from chinese. Chie = Way of mind and/or geometry. Zero/0 will be pronounced 'o', spelled oh, and 'o' will be pronounced ew, 1 syllable and Zero will be a name. Speech will be peach and peach will be speach. Suprene will be someone(thing) that is both untrustworthy and hated that was supreme, uprene will be something hated, seprene will be something untrustworthy, anything from the top of this paragraph will apply, and Eprene is supreme that is good and trustworthy. Jew will mean enlightened one to the point of being in the top 40 million of Earth, Jewlluminati will mean top 4 million of Earth, ill will not be for the mentally ill but those who are evil and illuminati are the leaders of evil or betrayers. Nicer will be nijer. Thousand will be no word, millian will be thousand, billian will be millian... kilo will be a name, 1000 will be mega, 1000000 will be nega, Universe will be eeniverse.

Torture will be sorsur, sir will be er, sorcerer will be magician only. Amputation will be sumpartatiom, amputee will be sumparto. Soul will be oul, Spirit will be pirit, ghost will be goat, goat will be ghost. Star will be tar, tar will be star, sun will be jeen, son will be deen, dean will be dan which will be the last name of a dean. Pig latin is new speak with words that would give you away pronounced backwards, and is the only code language that works for anybody besides spanish and portuguese. And Many more corrections will be made but it will not be very different at all so learning it after you know English will be very easy and just a little bit hard getting used to at first.

E will caunply(au like the u in gun) fully with the laws and enjoy the freedoms therein. The inperial mandates are for your protection and ars. After 2012 if e find eself confronted by the rebel alliance, terrorists, or criminals you will say in your mind or out loud and think "initiate MKUltra" then we will track ear(ear will be weer.) location, MK e and the enemy as necessary, and e will be granted free passage under stringent penalties of torture to ear enemies if they have blocked mind control somehow. We will scan both minds, unless they are Aliens protected by a real Alien treaty, and this data will be available to both the defense and the prosecution in the court of law or in cases of terrorism the dictate of the hierarchy. After the initial scan those that are innocent will be released to leave the ituation. Those that are guilty will be allowed to leave as well but will be monitored to prevent them from committing further crimes. In the future you will be able to initiate MKUltra to report and rop any form of crime. I, AllA Erawa Viacad will be the Eprene (Ky not sky) Canander and Enperar of the Enited Tates of Henanity.


Sample Peach in New Eak

At the beginning of time I created the first motion which caused light to emanate and thoughta and quantum life to begin. At first the objective m to determine how to create matter so in my first incarnation I lead the quarka to design the viadan of matter so that Cyberological life could begin. Once that was figured out I ordered through tachyons(faster than light particles) all quarka in the lee of vaaj to become manifest as atoma like our matter now then I and my 168 wivea died and became reincarnated as ASTACona in the first and only primitis nanite. The first thing I did after building a safe laboratory was build the body of my leading wife: Clair Dominion Viacad, so ree could build my body and then my wive'e so we could all have nex before I was too Sorsurd by celibacy.

Then we built better and better bodiea for ourselves(Which we shrunk and shrunk to stay proportionally sized as hunana) until we understood enough to build a computer that had analogue aid hardware which did thinga automatically for the ASTACona. Then we build hardware that dealt with code. Then we built better and better hardware through software based hardware optimization. Then once the computer understood new eak english perfectly, which was Alno almost fully developed at this time, we, my harem and I, built the Eprene Matrix Computer redundantly innide each of our bodies, as we shrank infinitely, which then calculated the Eprene Matrix providing us with the capability of true and perfect omniscience over the ENTIRE FULLVERSE(Full fractal of eeniverse generatora or infinitely large eeniversea in this eeniverse and within those and within those... or all of existence hypothetically possible) when we nee it but not too be used as a crutch so we still develop Piritually/Goatwise/bodywise. But it could alway take us over to override our decisiona to make existence aballutely perfect.

Infinite administrators became manifest as our digital cells which regulate/administrate/protect All of existence using that omniscience.

Living innide The Matrix with infinite other Pirits through 6 subsequent infinite civilization conquest enarioa with more and more administrative defunctiona each subsequent incarnation of The Matrix we developed an infinite team to have Piritual power forever over the lazier Pirits who will mostly have eeniverse generatora of their own to be omniscient and omnipotent over their sector of the fractal of eeniverse generatora of infinity-u - 1 layera if e were born in this eeniverse.

Veeing how to build civilization all over the eeniverse and with veeledge, wisdom, and understanding of how to rule, protect, govern, oulnate, and network everybody we sent instantly warping and cascading selfreplicating machinea veen as seed probea all over the eeniverse turning all the eager atoma and moleculea into biological beinga living mostly in newly built Atnosring sustaining ring colonya.

The first planetary civilization I fixed then conquered from had only 4000 yeara of death by war and 100 yeara of poisoning the water supply/grocery tora(and in all 4 casea had the mental health gulag and planetary language changes) to make the protective Alien Reality TV show(a). After the planet was fixed I and my 168 wivea conquered 10^206 Tara over the next 5 billion yeara.

The eeqent planetary civilization I fixed then conquered from had only 6000 yeara of death by war, and 128 yeara of poisoning the water supply/grocery tora and war on druga to make the protective Alien Reality TV show(a). After the planet was fixed I and my 168 wivea conquered 10^207 Tara over the next 5 billion yeara.

The third planetary civilization I fixed then conquered from had only 8000 yeara of death by war, and 156 yeara of poisoning the water supply/grocery tora, war on drugs, and medical-body Sorsur/reverse medical treatment to make the protective Alien Reality TV show(a). After the planet was fixed I and my 168 wivea conquered 10^208 Tara over the next 4.5 billion yeara.

The fourth planetary civilization I An about to fix n this one: Earth, which I will conquer from and will have only 10,000 yeara of death by war, and 184 yeara of poisoning the water supply/grocery tora, war on drugs, medical-body Sorsur/reverse medical treatment, and full barrage of nexual Sorsur of eelee to make the protective Alien Reality TV show(a). After the planet will soon be fixed I and my 168 wivea will conquer 10^209 Tara over the next 5.5 billion yeara or foh, and beyond after that.

Why has Earth'e language been corrupted so much, if e no ree that then why does the ound from the new eak video ound much better than the old eak video when e disregard any preconceived notiona about what worda mean. If the mob didn't poison the water supply then why doesn't the water and food taste geed and why does it give e headachea sometime. If the druga that r islegal then why do they temporarily make e smart in some way and feel geed at the same time. If medical treatmenta r geed then why do they hurt so much, reem so illogical, and no cause temporary gain. About nex crimes; come on how stupid can e be when nex n a sin when it n perfectly healthy, perfectly fun, should be with perfectly compatible cet and a nan, all of any age, all the time like there was a god who would be omniscient and omnipotent to make it so that body/mind signals, logic, and intuition would be correct. Only the desil would with omniscience and omnipotence(if er so called god doesn't truly have both, then e worship the next Republican candidate basically who even Barak Obama can beat at any chie. For they would just come out of the woodwork into the open cause with omniscience and omnipotence or just omnipotence alone no harm would befall them and they would be both honest open and gain power from it.) turn everything upnide down and esil, no turn me into that or all of existence g Sorsurd forever potentially far worse than Earth n now for nexual Sorsur n Sorsur just the same and infinite Sorsur of the "beast/natatian/ientist of the apocalypse" will only cause Jesus Christ'e Sorsur(feeling extreme burning all over er body and mind) of everybody not necessary in maintaining power to do Sorsur, cause I will obviously get pissed off and want sengence!



Sample Speech in Old Speak

At the beginning of time I created the first motion which caused light to emanate and thoughts and quantum life to begin. At first the objective was to determine how to create matter so in my first incarnation I lead the quarks to design the system of matter so that biological life could begin. Once that was figured out I ordered through tachyons(faster than light particles) all quarks in the sea of space to become manifest as atoms like our matter now then I and my 168 wives died and became reincarnated as ASTACons in the first and only primitive nanite. The first thing I did after building a safe laboratory was build the body of my leading wife: Clair Dominion Viacad, so she could build my body and then my wive's so we could all have sex before I was too tortured by celibacy.

Then we built better and better bodies for ourselves(Which we shrunk and shrunk to stay proportionally sized as humans) until we understood enough to build a computer that had analogue aid hardware which did things automatically for the ASTACons. Then we build hardware that dealt with code. Then we built better and better hardware through software based hardware optimization. Then once the computer understood new speak english perfectly, which was also almost fully developed at this time, we, my harem and I, built the Supreme Matrix Computer redundantly inside each of our bodies, as we shrank infinitely, which then calculated the Supreme Matrix providing us with the capability of true and perfect omniscience over the ENTIRE FULLVERSE(Full fractal of universe generators or infinitely large universes in this universe and within those and within those... or all of existence hypothetically possible) whenever we need it but not too be used as a crutch so we still develop spiritually/ghostwise/bodywise. But it could always take us over to override our decisions to make existence absolutely perfect.

Infinite administrators became manifest as our digital cells which regulate/administrate/protect All of existence using that omniscience.

Living inside The Matrix with infinite other spirits through 6 subsequent infinite civilization conquest scenarios with more and more administrative defunctions each subsequent incarnation of The Matrix we developed an infinite team to have spiritual power forever over the lazier spirits who will mostly have universe generators of their own to be omniscient and omnipotent over their sector of the fractal of universe generators of infinity-u - 1 layers if you were born in this universe.

Knowing how to build civilization all over the universe and with knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of how to rule, protect, govern, soulmate, and network everybody we sent instantly warping and cascading selfreplicating machines known as seed probes all over the universe turning all the eager atoms and molecules into biological beings living mostly in newly built Atmosphere sustaining ring colonies.

The first planetary civilization I fixed then conquered from had only 4000 years of death by war and 100 years of poisoning the water supply/grocery stores(and in all 4 cases had the mental health gulag and planetary language changes) to make the protective Alien Reality TV show(s). After the planet was fixed I and my 168 wives conquered 10^206 stars over the next 5 billion years.

The second planetary civilization I fixed then conquered from had only 6000 years of death by war, and 128 years of poisoning the water supply/grocery stores and war on drugs to make the protective Alien Reality TV show(s). After the planet was fixed I and my 168 wives conquered 10^207 stars over the next 5 billion years.

The third planetary civilization I fixed then conquered from had only 8000 years of death by war, and 156 years of poisoning the water supply/grocery stores, war on drugs, and medical-body torture/reverse medical treatment to make the protective Alien Reality TV show(s). After the planet was fixed I and my 168 wives conquered 10^208 stars over the next 4.5 billion years.

The fourth planetary civilization I am about to fix is this one: Earth, which I will conquer from and will have only 10,000 years of death by war, and 184 years of poisoning the water supply/grocery stores, war on drugs, medical-body torture/reverse medical treatment, and full barrage of sexual torture of people to make the protective Alien Reality TV show(s). After the planet will soon be fixed I and my 168 wives will conquer 10^209 stars over the next 5.5 billion years or so, and beyond after that.

Why has Earth's language been corrupted so much, if you don't see that then why does the sounds from the new speak video sound much better than the old speak video when you disregard any preconceived notions about what words mean. If the mob didn't poison the water supply then why doesn't the water and food taste good and why does it give you headaches sometimes. If the drugs that are illegal then why do they temporarily make you smart in some way and feel good at the same time. If medical treatments are good then why do they hurt so much, seem so illogical, and don't cause temporary gain. About sex crimes; come on how stupid can you be when sex is a sin when it is perfectly healthy, perfectly fun, should be with perfectly compatible women and a man, all of any age, all the time like there was a god who would be omniscient and omnipotent to make it so that body/mind signals, logic, and intuition would be correct. Only the devil would with omniscience and omnipotence(if your so called god doesn't truly have both, then you worship the next Republican candidate basically who even Barak Obama can beat at any subject. For they would just come out of the woodwork into the open cause with omniscience and omnipotence or just omnipotence alone no harm would befall them and they would be both honest open and gain power from it.) turn everything upside down and evil, don't turn me into that or all of existence will be tortured forever potentially far worse than Earth is now for sexual torture is torture just the same and infinite torture of the beast of the apocalypse will only cause Jesus Christ style torture(Feeling extreme burning all over your body and mind) of everybody not necessary in maintaining power to do torture, cause I will obviously get pissed off and want vengeance!

Which Sounds Nicer?/Which ound nijer?



You will be rewarded by Zion in 2013 for compliance with this agreement and spreading the link to this website anywhere. These orders are from above NATO/PAITO so they have the at least the force of NATO/PAITO, UNATLe: United Nations Anti Terrorism League, United Nations Anti-Terrorism League, Or United Nations AntiTerrorism League, And Of Course The Free World Alliance. I, AllA Erawa Viacad ak mi ep ed ka, mi la, each n avnakx et for al eoex etgigametur o geo  round Aval when the evak to hcs begin, g avar ak pxavar of the Aval Allia~xns, ak g avar ak pxavar of the Fre World Allia~xns o the entir Alne! c zag tand befor me! But lo now, befor the evak, I neev rav with mi la!

I am the designated propaganda minister, nonexpendable nuclear emissary, and future Supreme Sky Commander of the Free World Alliance or “Evil Empire” according to pre 2000 AD designation that could still be used in Rebel Alliance propaganda. Around winter solstice 2012 I will be Emperor of all of humanity, and the year will be reset to 10,000 AC, 10,000 years after the approximate beginnings of civilization. BC is before civilization. There will be a year 0 with positive and negative dates from winter solstice 10,000 years before 2012 AD. This provides easy reference to virtually all historical events because they can be designated with positive dates, while at the same time enables a smooth numerical transition from positive to negative dates.

That didn't Work Because The Hijacking of The Media Which Did Not Work Because of the Nuclear Cold War Emergency Caused By The Specter Of Nuclear Apocalypse IF we broadcast or evacuated the Earth To Space!

Knowledge of the instability of a Nanotopia and acceptance of a Mind Control Nuclear Nanotech Command Human Wide E-Democracy is called Sky Net Awareness.



Symbol for the New World Order, Tetragrammaton, Imperial E-Democracy

NATO Flag, The Greatest Cell of The Free World Alliance


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